Enthusiasm  for anything that surrounds us

Quality and personalization at your service since three generations

We shall warmly welcome you in the city of Trieste where we have been at our customers’ service for over three decades; our specialized range of living rooms will satisfy even the most demanding and varied requirements for style. This is an invite for you to explore our offer and indulge yourself in a wide range of top quality sofas and armchairs at competitive prices. Through personalized dimensions and fabrics we manage to respond even to the most specific customer requests. Our customers’ satisfaction throughout our years of activity speaks up for our continuing commitment to work and our professionalism; it denotes our guidelines for long-term success.

Enthusiasm and commitment

We feel enthusiastic about our environment: experience the guiding force of our business, the powerful principle of every step we take. It guides us in our family lives, at work, at interacting with people and in relation to ourselves. Enthusiasm is the core, the motion that makes us start well our day and eagerly fulfil our daily work tasks and create something special that will enrich us day by day, year by year. Eagerness at life at such while taking firm steps towards any challenge on our path.

Long-term customer satisfaction

Our love for the beautifully designed and elegantly made furniture and the choice of high quality Italian design and making procedures, coupled with after sales impeccable service in order to guarantee long-life use of our products. This is the guiding principle of our business: long-term customer satisfaction.